The Tendo Three Sisters (天道三姉妹 Tendo San-shimai?) is a group of supporting characters. The triplet are composed of Itsuki, Mutsumi, and Nanase. They are known for being genius but mad scientists of the tarot academy who gain control over magical portals and radars.

Tendo Three Sisters
Ed 00015
Kanji 天道三姉妹
Romaji Tendo San-shimai
Personal Information
Gender Female
Tarot Card Wheel of Fortune
First Appearance
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Tanezaki Atsumi


Tendo ItsukiEdit

She has white hair, red eyes and her clothes are with red.

Tendo MutsumiEdit

Her apperance are white hair and red eyes, like the others Tendo sisters. She is the girl with purple clothes.

Tendo NanaseEdit

Nanase's hair and eyes have a color like her sisters. Her clothes are with dark green.


The triplet are shown as optimistic and cheerful. They have a habit to repeat one of their sisters' last word within a sentence she states.


Not much is known about the triplet other than being a regular staff at the tarot academy.



Character Art DesignsEdit